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Download Your Tentacle Locker Mobile Game on iOS and Android

If you’re looking for a fun mobile game, look no further than Tentacle Locker. Developed by Canadian indie studio CIRCLESPACE, Tentacle Locker is a simple and addictive game that challenges players to try and unlock the combination of locks to unlock the ultimateTreasure Chest. In order to unlock your treasure chest, you must find all of thelock combinations within your locker. To solve each newlock combination, you have to explore different areas of the locker in search of other locked compartments and lock combinations. The object of the game is fairly simple: Unlock as many lock combinations as possible before time runs out. With every lock combination unlocked, you will be able to access more areas of your locker which means there are more hidden treasures worth searching for! But be careful – Time won’t stop until every last one of your lock combinations has been unlocked and yourTreasure Chest unlocked!

How to play Tentacle Locker on iOS and Android

Tentacle Locker is available for free on iOS and Android. If you’re already playing the game on one of these platforms, you can skip to the “Play Tentacle Locker for free on iOS and Android” section below. If you don’t have access to one of these platforms, don’t worry! You can also follow the rest of the steps below to download and play the game on your Android or iOS device. - Download the Tentacle Locker game app. - Enable the game in the device’s “Security Settings”. - Find the app icon on your device’s home screen. - Tap the icon to open the game. - Begin playing the game!

Play Tentacle Locker for free on iOS and Android

Once you’ve downloaded the game and enabled it on your device, you can begin playing the game for free! In order to unlock all of the levels and the premium content inside the game, you will have to play 10 levels for free before making a purchase. As you play, you will have the option to purchase one of three items inside the game. You can purchase the “Copper Coin” for $0.99, the “Silver Coin” for $1.99, or the “Gold Coin” for $9.99. The Gold Coin is the best option for most people since it will unlock all of the levels and premium content in the game. If you’re looking to save some money, the Copper Coin will get you almost everything and the Silver Coin will unlock only a few levels. - If you’d like to play the game for free, simply play the 10 free levels inside the game before making a purchase.

Unlock premium content in Tentacle Locker

As you play the levels inside Tentacle Locker, you will unlock new items for your locker including new lockers, new characters, and new accessories. Inside the game, you will unlock new unlockable items and unlock new unlockable items in each level as you play the game. - To unlock the premium content, simply play the levels inside Tentacle Locker.

Upgrade your character in Tentacle Locker

As you play Tentacle Locker, you will unlock new unlockable items inside the game. - To upgrade your character inside the game, simply use the item inside the game. - You can upgrade your character to have better stats such as increased defense, increased attack, increased speed, increased health, and stronger abilities. - The “Shark” has strong attack and speed stats, but has a low defense stat. - The “Pirate” has a high defense stat, but has low attack and speed stats. - The “Ninja” has a decent health stat and has the strongest abilities in the game. - The “Space Alien” has the most health in the game, but has the weakest abilities. - The “Dive Master” has the best stats in the game and can swim underwater for longer periods of time. - The “Sailor” is the only character that can swim underwater for a short period of time.

Tips for playing Tentacle Locker on iOS and Android

- Try to explore more than just the immediate area when looking for new lock combinations. - Play the game inside the locker. While you can play outside your locker, there are monsters that can damage you while you play. - The lowest level of the “Monster” is Level 1. Keep an eye out for the Monster and try to avoid being hit by it. - You can view your stats by tapping on the character icon at the bottom of the screen. - You can view the inventory inside your locker by tapping on your locker icon at the bottom of the screen.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on how to download Tentacle Locker for free on Android and iOS. If you have any questions about the game, leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them!


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