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Happy Birthday to us!

We celebrated our 9th birthday on the 27th April. One day the story of how the company started will be the stuff of legends, but for now it just keeps us humble.

for me personally 9 years is a long time, in any company, let alone your own!

Still we have had a mission in all those years that burns stronger than ever before. Having watched the business grow from an original one thousand pound (GBP) investment to today is something else.

More than that though, is the relationships, the partners the clients and everyone we have met along the way.

The business has learnt some hard but valuable lessons along the way.

International business comes with it's very own rulebook, those rules are never completely clear. It's a bit like when you play Monopoly as a family, everyone knows there is a set of rules that is written but whoever actually follows them? (See the auction rule if your are in doubt, lol)

We didn't make this cake but it looks tasty!

But I'd like to think after that time, the development of our platform and all the services we have supported and created we are now at a great time. We have a proven business model and a solid base to build something amazing from.

Happy Birthday to us and thank you for being at our party!

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