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In the Beginning - Genesis

Our story started in 2010. During a meeting with a long standing contact we were told: "you will never get Europe working in a unified way", not because they did not believe us but because it was a serious challenge.

Back then we were Euworld Solutions, as this was the original concept of the business.

The name for us means that "You call it" or indeed "It's your call". 

Fast forward to 2018; not only have we proved that it can be achieved but we also feel stronger than ever.  We are ready to show the world what we can do -and It’s a great feeling!


Our Solution Includes You® was created to meet the demands of supporting customers globally. We work with a growing number of service providers around the world who provide qualified IT support and services. Our systems link us together, enabling our customer to manage their businesses in multiple locations around the world. If you just need services in your own country, contains a growing number of vetted and qualified suppliers able to provide local IT support and services across the world. works the same way in each country we operate in. You can input projects, manage IT service contracts and raise per event calls. Once you are registered on our system you have access to each supplier in every part of the world where we provide IT support services.
We work with some of the very best service providers and suppliers in their respective countries. If you’re looking for IT support for the first time in a different country, let us help. We have saved many of our customers time and money by giving them the in country research they need in order to build a cost effective IT service, support and deployment network.
All managed through one system

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