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Global IT Services all on Platform


Is it a Service Company? Is it a Software Solution? - Well the answer is both. We combined real world IT service delivery with our Award winning "built from the ground up" service platform. Here are just a couple of business solutions we offer. Get in touch to find out even more!

A Unified IT Service Platform

A Multitude of Functionality

We deliver IT services around the world and we appreciate the challenges which are presented when working in multiple countries. 


The platform supports multiple ways of working, from locally in country all the way to full global management. 

We have incorporated working tools, such as fully integrated translation chat room, to technician apps which extend across all of our processes. As a client requesting works we manage all calls under one process which tracks the status of every request, service or project and feeds back the information and updates required on each request.

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Global IT Relationships

Global Clients and Providers

Our Service platform has over 160 active IT service providers, totalling over 12,000 Global available resources, over 300 service locations and much more.

We have service capability in Western and Eastern Europe, The Nordics, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, America and Canada.


Our combined capability as an independent IT provider is near unrivalled and we are committed to becoming the largest independent provider of Global IT relationships.

We complete Due Diligence at the point for joining and promote the services of our providers whilst ensuring our clients It needs are met to the highest possible standard.

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