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Post-Covid Onsite Process and Expectations

As the world attempts a return to some form of normality after the corona-virus period it falls to us all to recognise that, for the foreseeable future, a change to the way we work is necessary.

Service Provider

Covid-19 Safety Statement April 2020


Must not have shown any cold or flu like symptoms in the last 14 days. DO not attend if showing any symptoms.


Must not have to travel more than 50 km to site, unless specially approved. In some cases specialist skill-sets may travel more than 50km.


Must have all necessary protective equipment with them (mask, gloves, sanitiser, etc.)


Must sanitise hands and work space before beginning task, whenever swapping tasks and on completion of work.


Must adhere to all regulations or restrictions imposed by the customer.

At we have always been transparent and open in how we deal with our clients and partners, and we see no reason that that ethos should not continue.

Our belief in using local resource to resolve local issues remains in place, and in a world where travel will be limited while these difficult days continue, we remain well placed to assist with any service requests you may have.


However, as previously said, there does need to be some changes and to that effect we are pushing forward with a set of criteria which we expect to be met by all parties involved in a service request.


These 10 simple requirements will ensure that all service requests are completed in a uniform, efficient and, most importantly, a safe way; not just for the engineer but for staff, customer, or anyone else on site.

Updated 27th April 2020

Customer and Client Obligations


Must Ensure Service provider has all the necessary information regarding restrictions or additional requirements in store. 


Must provide site contact so partner can liaise with site to ensure compliance with above and confirm any appointment booked with site.


Prioritise tasks and endeavour to ensure tasks are requested for site closed hours or non-peak times to minimise risks.

Onsite Customer Obligations


Enforce minimum safe distancing to ensure safety of tech, staff and customers.


Safe distancing may for instance require a till lane to be closed next to where the technician is working or vacating any back office areas where neccessary.


If necessary, ensure all required equipment is clean, sanitised and easily available to technician.

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